Sunday, 4 February 2007

Busby Berkeley

OK, perhaps Paul St Paul and his Apostles (see below) have encouraged some rampant campanoia, but I'm having a Busby Berkeley day.

He was the choreographer behind some of the most spectacular musicals of the first half of last century. Obviously, watching his beyond-spectacular dance routines on YouTube is like listening to someone covering a Stooges album on comb and paper, but it's a taster.

Go and buy one of the criminally small selection of Busby DVDs released, such as The Great Ziegfeld, or try and catch a screening somewhere like the NFT.

Enjoy (but skip past the dude singing at the start) From The Ziegfeld Story

And no, he wasn't on drugs when he made this.. The Polka Dot Polka from The Gang's All Here

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