Thursday, 1 February 2007

Free Tunnock's Tea Cakes Games

Tunnock's tea cakes* (ironically named, as they are neither cakes, nor particularly good with tea) are the best mallow-based confectionary ever to be manufactured in Scotland. Their iconic red and silver striped packaging is a pop art gem, and the sweetmeat inside more than lives up to its exoskeleton's promise of sickly treasure.

The Tunnock's site is a joy to browse. Beautifully designed, with a rosy-cheeked kiddy straight out of a 1940s adventure annual, it gives you a warm nostalgic glow. And it's not often you get nostalgic in front of a harsh computer screen.

Don't miss the fabulously tongue in cheek games, one a Pacman-style affair, where you guide the aforementioned cheeksome child around a maze, gobbling teacakes as he goes, and the other a race to help the little fella catch falling teacakes in a winter wonderland.

While we're on a Tunnock's tip, have a good look around this I Love Tunnock's site (including lovely pictures of the Tunnock's factory) and these flickr pictures, ideal for using as a screensaver.

*"What really sets the Tunnock's apart from its Tea Cake brethren is its marshmallow which is based on egg white rather than gelatine. This gives it a consistency somewhere between shaving foam and bath sealant. The process that actually places this stuff on the biscuit base and then covers it in chocolate must be a miracle of biscuit engineering given the super sticky nature of the mallow. The fact that the Tea Cakes exist means that there isn't a machine somewhere Scotland buried under a mountain of proto-tea cake gunge." From

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