Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Live in a Cartoon Courtesy of Fred Flare

I am considering emigrating to the USA purely so I can stalk the owners of marvellous internet emporium, Fred Flare

You could furnish your whole home and wardrobe from the NYC-based site, and basically live the Technicolor nu rave dream without having to neck those health-endangering pills.

From smiley-faced hoodies with grins that glow in the dark, to plates shaped like slices of pizza to balance your Hawaiian on, to brooches shaped like octopi wearing eyepatches, to cute tins, and Mario mushroom-shaped kitchen timers, oh hell, it’s like owners Chris and Keith have transplanted an Argos store to the Harjuku district in Tokyo .

First established in 1998, the store now sells lines from iHotto and Jack and Lulu to the bigger Paul Frank and Hello Kitty.

And it’s not too expensive. The oh-so-kind exchange rate wind is fully blowing behind us and the prices are less than high street anyway. So the set of pizza plates clocks in at $15 for four, the hoodie is $40, and the cute mushroom timer $12. Put on your sunglasses, and get out your credit card.

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