Monday, 5 February 2007

The Cutest Caravans

Pod caravans are the cutest, most stylish way of spending a weekend in the country. These are the boutique hotels to regular caravan’s seedy b&bs.

A shade over 3m long, and 1.5m wide, they are compact enough to tow behind a racy two seater in my dream world. If Bertie Wooster went to festivals, this is what he’d sleep in.

The kitted-out versions come in whatever colour you care to pluck, I like the dandy candy hues. They are complete with a kitchen, awning, and table that folds into a snug double bed.

Ideal for luxury beach living, or a dinky weekendawaymobile. Of course, I want one. And a car to tow it as well. They’re pricy though, at £4,700.00 for the fully fitted version.

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