Sunday, 25 February 2007

Lucky Soul

Last night I went to see Lucky Soul at the Luminaire in Kilburn. The band say they are from Greenwich, London, but in reality, are from another era. An era when women singers didn't emote by screaming, or trying to fit as many notes into one syllable as is humanly possible. An era when musicians wore suits. An era when pop songs could be melancholy and uplifting and string-soaked and stirring all at once.

Lead singer Ali Howard is a direct cross of Dusty Springfield and Debbie Harry. Her voice cracks with emotion in the right places, soars high above the crowd at the band's climaxes, and pierces your heart with its directness.

The band's pin-precise versions of guitarist Andrew Laidlaw's show-stopping tunes is awe inspiring. When I first saw a picture of The Pipettes, this is what I imagined they might sound like, but sadly they didn't. Go and see Lucky Soul now before the only way to see them is to reserve seats at the Albert Hall three months in advance.

Buy their last single Lips Are Unhappy here. I've linked to the 7" vinyl version, because that feels the most appropriate format. This band are definitely a dusty grooves rather than shiny silver group.

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