Friday, 2 February 2007

The Sweetiest Handbags Ever

Helen Rochfort makes cutesy, shiny handbags that make you feel good just looking at them. Inspired by sweets, chocolates, and cupcakes, her purses fizzle with sherbety goodness, emblazoned with hypercoloured goodies, from Wonka’s golden tickets, to pink sweeties, and Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Helen describes the bags as "vintage kitsch and delicious!"

At $75 (about £38), they are pricier than your average New Look bag, but so, so worth it. You’ll look a perfect candified princess swinging along the street with one of these over your arm. I asked Helen who she'd most like to see carrying one of her bags, and she said, "I would love every lady in the land to carry one of my handbags!
Jennifer Nicholson (Fashion designer and Jack's daughter!) has just bought three.
See my MySpace for whole collection...I must put more on my Etsy shop..I've been so busy though!

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