Friday, 19 January 2007

The Yays and Nays of Hairspray

The film-based-on-a-show-based-on-a-film, Hairspray
will be with us very soon. The sad news is that twisted genius John Waters hasn’t made it.

The good news is that this picture of Christopher Walken is floating about. Which bodes well. Let’s take this as a cue to add up the yays and nays of Hairspray

Nay: John Waters isn’t directing this time around
Yay: But he does make a cameo as a flasher
Nay: John Travolta is replacing Divine as the fatty boom boom Edna Turnblad.
Yay: But Queen Latifah is playing Motormouth Maybelle – surely a part she was born to.
Nay: Beth Ditto from the Gossip hasn’t been cast as Tracy Tunrblad. Oi! MISSED OPPORTUNITY!


Yay: Adam Shankman, who choreographed Adams Family Values (remember those big dance routines?) is honing the hoofers on set AND directing the film.
Nay: Let’s hope the weirdity hasn’t been too watered down to play safe in middle America. Because…
Yay: Zac Efron of High School The Musical is playing Link Larkin, Tracy Turnblad’s love interest. He’s a HUGE star among the teenie weenies, so the film might actually be successful, play to packed theatres and warp a generation.

In conclusion... er.. dunno. Fingers crossed.

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Sarra Manning said...

Just popping your comment virginity!

The whole Hairspray Redux thing is muy weird.

I don't see how anything can compare to the original.

"You ain't no first lady, Tracy Turnblad, you're just a hair hopper!"