Thursday, 18 January 2007

Things That Make Me Laugh That Shouldn't: Number One - You've Been Framed

You've Been Framed is a British home video clips show. It first aired in 1990, presented by beardy, withered handy smug-pipe Jeremy Beadle.

He left in 1997, to be succeeded by famous-for-being-fat Lisa Riley and no mark Jonathan Wilkes. Both of whom were rubbish, and left us pining after Beadle.

The genuinely funny Harry Hill has now taken the reins, wisely opting for just providing a voice over, and not any tiresome, time-wasting studio stuff.

He was an inspired choice to present the show as he genuinely seems to have sat through the videos in order to produce his commentary, picking out nasty carpets and celebrity look-a-likes and takes the same delight and glee in the clips as I do.

Anyway, here's the top ten Framed staples that make me laugh

1 Old lady gets drunk. Falls over. Shows knickers.
2 Old lady dances at wedding reception. Knickers fall down.
3 Dog goes to fetch big stick. Runs between two trees, stick hits both, stick rammed into mutt’s mouth.
4 Small child hit in face by swing. Fall over. Cries. Gets up. Is hit by the swing on its return.
5 Jazz dancer falls off front of stage.
6 Animal breaks wind.
7 Fat paraglider is dragged across rough beach face-down.
8 Self-assembly swimming pool breaks open and floods back garden. Children are swept into the cabbages, wailing.
9 A drunk old lady laughs. False teeth fall out.
10 A drunk old lady throws a big stick for a dog, who returns, and gets stuck between two trees, a nearby small child watches, then gets hit in the face by a swing, the dog breaks wind, a paraglider is dragged across the front of the scene, as wailing children in a tsunami of pool water are thrown across the back. The old lady’s knickers fall down.

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