Thursday, 18 January 2007

Rules of dress: Number One - The Brothel Creeper and A Shoe Dilemma

I have worn black leather brothel creepers since I was 16. I’d seen a picture of The Cramps and wanted to be as evil Elvis and rock n roller as them. Being relatively skinny of leg, it soon became apparent that if I teamed the shoes with a drainpipe jean, or thick black tights, it made my limbs seem more chive-like and detracted from my bustier, never-going-to-be-Patti-Smith top half.

I’ve had several pairs over the intervening years, all the same, all bought from the fantastic Underground Shoes According to my friends, I tend to “dress like a dude”, and these shoes do nothing to temper that. Hurrah.

But now, momentously, I’m considering changing my signature shoe. To a pointy winklepicker. The way they peep from underneath those same drainpipe jean is somehow more modern, fresher, spindlier. I’ve been partial to a white shoe since my Jon Spencer obsession, so it would have to be the blanco version.

I’m not sure though. Am I just being swayed by current The Horrors and Vincent Vincent fever? Or is this the Right Move for life? A big decision. I’ll let you know what side I come down on. Advice please.

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