Friday, 26 January 2007

Chocs that Rocks

Legendary New York punk venue CBGBs may have closed down, but its memory lives on via the medium of chocolate. Ideal for post prandial gobbling round any Ramones fan's house, these sweetmeats are brought to you by the geniuses at Chocolate Barn in New York . The skull and crossbones embossed one has my name on it. Punk or chocolate? That's a decision you no longer have to make. This box costs $21. I'm waiting to hear if they deliver to the UK.

Here's a top ten of musicians and bands that should play in celebration

Hazelnut Whirl O'Connor
Black Magic Sabbath
Caramel and Kim
Randy Barrell Newman
Terry's All Golden Earring
Electric Turkish Delight Orchestra
Toffee Waybill
Bournevillage People
And, of course, Vanilla Fudge

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