Friday, 9 March 2007

SingalongaFriday: America from West Side Story

My favourite musical is West Side Story. And 'America' sums up all that's great about the film. Fast, sassy, modern-looking dance routines. Swishy, bright, brash costumes. Lyrics so full of attitude, they sound like they were carved into a kerbside bench with a flick knife.

Rita Moreno and George Chakiris burn up the floor, the air crackles, and the whole routine fizzles and sparks with excitement and sex appeal. Far spunkier than the sappy Maria and Tony. I LOVE it. This is when musicals were dragged high kicking and rocking and rolling into the modern world, and the art form was all the better for it.

Watching this, I can't understand why anyone could say they hate musicals. Gah!

If you've got room, dancealonga too...

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