Monday, 16 July 2007

Top pop videos with dance routines

Rescued from boy band hell, the dance routine has been well and truly defibrillated back to life. And I for one am huzzahing heartily. I love a slightly amateurish but enthusiastic co-ordinated wiggle. Here are my favourite dance (or bike!) routines in videos, past and present. Proof that time and sweat is often better than big budgets in pop.

I'm Alive by Vincent Vincent and the Villains

What's a Girl to Do? by Bat For Lashes

The Dark of the Matinee by Franz Ferdinand

1234 by Feist

Here It Goes Again by OK GO (yes, it's been everywhere, yes it's old, but how could I miss it out?)

It's Oh So Quiet by Bjork (again, how could I not list it?)

I know there are more... Feel free to suggest them


Anna said...

Hi Kate, I love your blog, came across it through Sarra Mannings blog. Camera Obscura "Hey Lloyd I'm ready to be heartbroken" has a great dance routine:

Anna x

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