Monday, 23 April 2007

Lily Allen's shoes on sale soon

Lily Allen has 'designed' a range of clothes for one of my favourite cheapy high street shops, New Look (or Neu Look, as I like to call them - their logo suggests a more teutonic moniker). Some of her collection appeared in the Sunday Times at the weekend.

I like gobby Lily a lot. Her songs bounce, and her opinions make me laugh. She's not boring. I like her New Look collection too. It's not boring either.

Not for her the safe taupe middle aged blandness of Madonna's H&M clothes, or the gaudy low rent trash of every Julien MacDonald collaboration. Lily's clothes are fun and funny, quirky and cute. Frilly green ballgowns and cute peep toe suede heels.

I like this pair of trainers. They're only going to be £12. They sort of remind me of the old Kleenex box pattern. I'd wear them with a pair of black skinny jeans and a smile. Sorry, thought I'd be able to resist that...

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