Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Mr Frosty

I'm pretending that the weather isn't in a big wet and cold grump and making like it's summer hot. I realised today that those 'Mango Blast' crushed ice drinks from places like Starbucks are just overpriced versions of Mr Frosty's fabulous beverages.

If you don't remember, Frosty was the toy of choice during long hot childhood summers. You'd load him up with ice cubes, turn a handle, squirt some juice from his pal Percy Penguin onto the slush, and away you'd go.
I've looked for a Mr Frosty, but he seems to have been given a disastrous down-with-the-kids makeover. He looks terribly smug. And that's not a quality you want in your drink dispenser.

So I'll be getting this Peanuts version from Fred Flare instead.


Adi said...

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Tazz said...

You can get an exact replica of the original Mr Frosty here. It still doesn't crush the ice properly though! Mr Frosty 1980's toy