Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Youth cult photographs at PYMCA

I love trawling through picture agency sites. I think PYMCA might be one of my favourites. They have pictures of what used to be called 'young people' from the 1960s onwards.

Mods, rockers, punks, skins, ravers, rockers and new wavers all stand surly or grinning from beautifully shot pictures. The pictures are evocative of eras long gone, and the hope that shines from the faces of the kids in the photos is poignant beyond belief.

You can buy some images as prints - prices aren't so bad really - between £75 for a 40-50cm print to £300 for a 20'x30' stretch canvas. The shots I've posted here are all available. I love the Peter Cook picture, he's a youth cult in one person. The dressed up teens against the wall are lovely, and the girls doing the 'Madness' walk just make me want to smile with happiness.

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